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Inventor 2017 – Sheet Metal Enhancements By Jerry Berns With updates to sheet metal parts, the struggles with corner reliefs and punch representations are now over. Autodesk Inventor 2017 offers several enhancements, and I highlighted many of my favorites in a previous article. But, I have yet to discuss sheet metal parts. Here are some of the most notable updates for sheet metal so far this year. Punch Representation Visibility Punch Representations now have the ability to be controlled on an individual basis. For your flat pattern and drawing views, this means that you could display some punches in their formed shape, such as a louver, while other punches could be shown as a 2D sketch and center mark, such as a D-Sub connector. Corner Relief The Corner Relief options gained three new choices. A colleague I spoke with says this will be very helpful in reducing the amount of editing required in the flat pattern. The new options include Round (Tangent), Round (Vertex), and Square (Vertex). To achieve this, specify the punch display option Although the difference when you are inserting the punch. Then deselect between Round (vertex) the Ignore Individual Punch Representation and Round (Intersection) Settings option when you are editing your flat can be difficult to detect, pattern definition. Otherwise, all punches would there is an important display the same. distinction. 22