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From the Director’s Desk The Classroom and Classic Rock By Matt Murphy Seems like a long time ago when I was growing up and going to school in the ′70s. I hated going to school. School progressed in a very structured and orderly manner. Everyone was expected to progress at the same rate, listen to the same lecture, take and pass the same test at the same time, regardless of whether you were ready to move onto the next topic-industrialized, formal, structured and synchronous. I was a non-conforming student. But show me a reason, give me a need, and I was an eager learner. Motivation through engagement were the critical pieces that were missing. Sure, I was the disruptive type. I still am—always looking to push the system or break the system to fit my personal needs. Saved by Mix Tapes I survived with my after-school job where I worked in a record store. There were only two record stores in town. I worked at one and my cousin Tom worked at the other. We looked forward to Tuesdays when the new releases came in. We made sure that the records we picked out were different so we could swap and share twice the music that we could afford with the dollars we earned. Most of the records we owned were only played once or twice and then put back in the sleeve. We made cassette tapes so we could listen to the music in our cars. Besides recording the album from start to finish, we also made “mix” tapes where we recorded just the songs we wanted in the order we wanted to listen to them. One thing for sure was that Tom’s mix tapes were different than mine, so sharing mix tapes provided an additional level of listening pleasure. What a novel idea! Personalized listening. 4